Thursday, December 17, 2009

R.I.P. Chris Henry

Chris Henry is a NFL player for the Cincinnati Bengals. During an argument with his fiance Loleini Tonga, the mother of his 3 children, Chris was mortally injured. He succumbed to his injuries today. No information on whether the fiance will be charged. Apparently, she tried to leave and he jumped into the flatbed of the truck she was driving and within a quarter of a mile, from her residence in Charlotte,NC , he fell from the flatbed and sustained head injuries. The couple had 3 children DeMarcus, Seini and Chris Jr. Pray for this family!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deadbeat Dad!

Horace Grant is a former NBA player who won rings in Chicago. Well, he is also an "alleged" deadbeat dad. His former wife, Donna, sent this lovely letter to, explaining his bizarre behavior. Read on:
I am Horace Grant’s x-wife I’d like to give some information on how much of a millionaire dead beat dad he is! Yeah I know all his life and still til this day his claim to fame is he’s “A Christian” and now that he is retired all he does now is “give back.” But, yet in still for almost all of his son’s younger years he has failed to provide health insurance, refuse to pay my son’s college tuition and dorm fee’s and monthly stipend.
My son is not in school now he even refuse to pay for junior college…
… and he has taken back the 16th birthday present a car he bought for my son. Actually he has sent two request be relinquished of all financial obligation for my son. Now tell me in 2009 what parent don’t want there kid to have a college degree you are a millionaire that has never ever been around for my son never came to 8th grade graduation 12th grade graduation very rare a phone call to even acknowledge his existence on this earth you even allow your attorney’s to BULLY my son in
any kinda way necessary to keep him from trying to go to court to retrieve something that is his. It is laid out in my divorce decree in black and white. Let me know if you have any further interest on this former NBA millionaire.
Donna Grant

I hate deadbeats! I think I have made this clear in former posts but, I really hate it when people sit back and allow people like, Horace Grant, to get away with it! My sons father is far from a millionaire but, I wasn't going to allow him to screw all over me in court. I, definitely, wouldn't allow my sons education to be affected! I would write letters and solicit attorneys! If money is a problem, seek new attorneys or attorneys that will perform work pro-bono. Whatever you have to do, make certain your court orders and divorce decrees are enforced! Shame him and embarrass him! Whatever you have to do! As an adult, you are the voice of your child! If you don't speak up, who will?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm Next!

I'm next to have a television show! Well, not really but, I feel justified! I am sickened by the television shows on now! I will address the first one that needs to be cancelled. The Wanda Sykes show! I am so tired of her off-brand humor. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but, I am sickened. I think she needs better correspondents and writers. The whole premise of the show is stupid. I notice that she reminds us that she is gay every week. Could this be to ensure the gay vote? Otherwise, it has no relevance. I feel that black people are under attack by her. We had to watch Tiger's affairs unfold on the daily news, can you please find material related to something else? Saturday she demanded answers from the President. We, as black people, need to understand that the Presidency is a very complicated job. I wouldn't want it! I, surely, don't expect him to get into office and change everything for me because he's black! Listen, I gave the show a chance but, her unfunny sidekick and that stupid segment where the drinks are served, are unnecessary! Give Cedric The Entertainer a show! Bring Martin Lawrence back but, please, please take Wanda Sykes away! I might have given her a pass if it weren't for the fact that she is married to a white woman and raising white children! Yet she always talking about black people! Go back to obscurity!

Friday, December 04, 2009

My Idea For War!

If the rolls of the Armed Forces are still running low! I suggest that the American prisoners that are being paid to sit and master their crafts, be trained and sent to Afghanistan and other terrorist countries, to fight! If you are man enough to pick up a gun and take a life, fight for your country! They have ravished their communities and broken up families, in the name of a color or drug turf! Fight for something honorable! If the Geneva Code is put into their heads and they are brainwashed to abide by the code, this could work! Perhaps a parole once their tour of duty is over, will assist with the process. If a person violates their parole, they receive another tour of duty. The next time they will be placed in another warring area. They must fight until they are too old to continue fighting. Maybe, then they will sit their asses down. Make their parents proud, for once. The jails are overcrowded and people are being released, only to reoffend! This recidivism has got to stop! If you feel differently, please comment! Any comments are welcome! Thanks to my cousin Gary for helping iron the wrinkles in our plan! I came up with this plan because I am tired of poor little kids losing their parents! Especially since, these convicts are coming home taking off their shirts and bragging about doing "time!" Let's make them brag about doing something respectable. I am NOT pro-war, I detest war and I'm very upset we have been pulled into this for oil! I, just, think that we are throwing good money for bad! We can save money and lives and families with my plan. What's yours?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Duty!

I feel it's my duty to also address the fact that children are being molested all over the world! The fact that the latest, alleged, molester is a celebrity only makes us know his name. What about all the poor children that are being used and abused by parents or friends and we don't know their names? Anonymity is what allows these people to continue! I, also, feel the need to talk about victims becoming victimizers! Majority of the molesters were victims, at some point, themselves. I am a strong advocate for therapy! Why people like to carry burdens and feel that seeing a counselor is such an awful stigma, is beyond me. I live for a person who can listen to my shit and not judge me but, steer me in a different direction. I'm not crazy! You'd be crazy to not take up that opportunity! I really just want people to focus on the action and not the celebrity. Somewhere there is a 3 and 4 year old that, if left with no therapy, are growing into victimizers! My story below, albeit sensational, is not unique! Let's focus on the victims. Thank you for reading.

Pleasure P or Molester B?

Perhaps you've never heard of the group "Pretty Ricky." That's neither here nor there but, the scandal is hot and it's still brewing. A few years back this group came onto the scene and had a few hits. In the height of their burgeoning career, the lead singer left the group! His name was Pleasure P! I know, what kinda name is that? Anyhoo, Pleasure P went on to find success as a solo artist with hits like, "Under" and "Boyfriend #2." I always wanted to know why he left the group so soon! Well, and a few more reputable blogs, have found out why he left the group and it's not "pretty!" Allegedly, Pleasure P, nee Marcus Cooper, was kicked out of the group after he, allegedly, molested a 3 and 4 year old child. The story first dropped when the daughter of the attorney that represented Marcus Cooper, revealed that her father was paid to keep the scandal quiet. When this happened, found papers showing that the nephew of Marcus Cooper was placed in a shelter after there were allegations leveled against him. The papers state that Marcus Cooper cannot be unsupervised with his nephew and he cannot live in the home with his nephew! His former group has not confirmed this but, they did put out a statement confirming that they kicked him out of the group! I wonder what Eddie Murphy has to say about all this! Especially since his daughter, Bria, has been spotted out and about with Pleasure P, lately! To see the documents go here!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kimora Lee Simmons Christmas!

Kimora and her hubby , Djimon, have released their Christmas photo! I love it! The only thing marring this picture is Djimon's sweater! That should be on the ugly Christmas sweater blog! Who wears shit like that? Pardon my speech! For some reason I can't get the picture so to see the spectacle go here!

A Sad Day!

It was a sad day in a Pontiac,MI courtroom. Two 15 year olds sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole. Their crime? Their crime was kicking two homeless men to death in a 3 day spree. They were found guilty of 1st degree murder and, in Michigan, that carries a sentence of life in prison. Two mother sobbed as their children were turned over to the Michigan Department of Justice. As one mother sobbed the judge said, "Stop crying! Are you crying because you feel sorry for him or sorry for yourself?" There has been much debate about these sentences for young adults. Many feel that these "children" are being turned into even harder criminals being placed in the system so young. Others feel that these kids are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and are hell bent on going to jail, anyway. Whatever stance you take, there are two kids being placed amongst the hardest of hard. I don't know if they could have been rehabilitated if left on the streets. Neither does the judge or jury. What I do know is, two kids are being thrown to the wolves. All I can do is pray for their soul. The judge gave good advice to the young men. He said, “At your age, going to the penitentiary is difficult. Don’t make any friends. Keep quiet. Follow the rules. And hold your head up high.” Read the rest of the story here

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Who Wants To Smell Like Michael Jackson?

I should rephrase that caption. "Who Wants To Smell Like Michael Jackson's Dead Cells?" Michael Jackson's DNA is being extracted from hair follicles, and other body slough, to make perfume. I love and respect and miss Michael Jackson but, I have to draw the line somewhere! Do you think this is a good idea or Joe Jackson BS? Read the rest of the story here In case you are wondering, I chose this picture because I thought it was beautiful and artistically done.

What's In Your Closet?

A 13 year old girl startled her mother with a closet visitor. The mother found a 19 year old man in her daughter's walk in closet! What's so disturbing is that the man pursued the girl, even after he found out she was 12! He is now facing rape charges! Read the rest here

World A.I.D.S. Day!

It's hard to believe that the way A.I.D.S has ravished the world, we still need to ask people to get tested! A simple cheek swab is all it takes to ensure your safety! Once thought of as a gay disease, A.I.D.S. has crept into the heterosexual community and run rampant. Now, young girls are being passed this disease by the adult men who are pursuing and bedding them. Of course, it doesn't stop there! That young girl, then, returns to her high school and passes it to some unsuspecting and pubescent young man. Girls, today, are still only concerned about being pregnant. They are still not protecting themselves and thinking the worst that can happen would be an abortion. I urge ALL parents to talk to your children until you are blue in the face about sex. Yes, it's uncomfortable but, so are the images of A.I.D.S. victims. We are losing our children to violence and drugs and we stand up about it! Yet, no one wants to talk about sex with their child? Show them pictures, tell them stories! Even if you have to tell stories about yourself! When you personalize stories, they listen. My sons friends feel that their parents don't listen and are too old fashion. If they knew that their parents went through the very same things they are struggling through, perhaps they'd be more at ease with talking to them. I don't want this to turn into a lecture on parenting but, WE are responsible for protecting our children! Tell them about getting tested and being protected and most of all being RESPECTED! Get Tested!